How Much Do Teacup Yorkies Cost? Latest Sale Prices

This page helps you with tips and advice on buying a Teacup Yorkie.

Note that these dogs are also known under various different names, so this page also helps you if you are looking for:

  1. Miniature Yorkshire Terriers for sale
  2. Teacup Yorkshire Terriers for sale
  3. Mini Yorkies for sale
  4. Micro Yorkies for sale
  5. Toy Yorkies for sale

Teacup and tiny Yorkshire Terriers are bred because we love them and to meet the demand for smaller dogs more suited to our increasingly urban lifestyles. The breed has charmed us into wanting to bring them into our homes and lives.

Teacup dogs, especially puppies, are very much in demand. They are also relatively expensive compared to the standard breed of Yorkshire Terriers. At the upper end of the scale you will often see tiny Yorkies selling for as much as $2000 in the USA and over £1000 in the UK and in some cases even more.

micro yorkie with cat

On a more realistic note, most miniature Yorkies sell for on average $750 in the USA and £450 in the UK.

You can find them cheaper, but you need to be careful when doing so to establish just how responsible the breeders are. It could be a false economy to buy a teacup Yorkie with a poor pedigree, as it could cost you much more in vet bills later on than if you had bought from a responsible breeder.

If you see a Teacup Yorkie for sale under these dollar amounts: $100, $200, $300, $400 or $500 then beware as it could either have health issues or be a scam. If you are searching for ‘Teacup Yorkies near me for $200, $400 or even $500’ then sadly you are living in a fantasy world. You want a fit and healthy puppy that has been careful bred and cared for. This costs money and time! A ‘cheap’ puppy is not that when you end up spending thousands of dollars in vet bills!

For teacup Yorkies for sale in the UK – look at which has a wide selection. Try also

Also check out our list of UK breeders

For teacup Yorkies for sale in the USA – look at which has a wide selection.

Mini Yorkies are also very popular in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Phillipines.

yorkshire terrier teacup

The teacup, micro or even very small Yorkie are bred by the mating of two genetically small Yorkshire Terriers. Falling below the official standard size still allows the puppy to be classified and registered as a purebred.

A concern with the practice of breeding of dogs purely for size is health. By breeding from the smallest dogs from a litter, it is possible to be nurturing health defects. Often the smallest of a litter is referred to as the runt. The weakest dog can, by being bred from, pass on the weaker genes.

Like any other breed of dog, the little Yorkie can be seen as a novelty and a quick way to make money.

Luckily there are responsible breeders who recognize the risks to the Yorkie because of this demand.

mini yorkie

Experienced and established breeders are aiming to meet the demand for teacup Yorkshire Terriers with a strong bloodline from their own healthy dogs. So as long as you buy from a reputable breeder, there is no reason why these smaller dogs should have any more health problems than a larger dog.

What is a fact is that because of their smaller size, they don’t have the reserve that a larger dog has. In other words, they need to get to the vets quicker and faster than a larger dog when something is wrong.

Smaller dogs will also naturally be more vulnerable to hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) shock and regular rest and good nutrition help prevent this.

So it is important to keep the average price shown above in mind. It is vital to ask, if you see a cheaper puppy, why it is so cheap? You could end up paying out much more in vet care for a cheap puppy. We will talk more about this soon.

So we get the best of both worlds when finding a great breeder and healthy Yorkie puppy. We have a dog in good health and we are helping to maintain a great breed standard.

How much do Teacup Yorkies cost to buy?

Expert breeder Joyce Mijoy, an expert breeder who owns Mijoy Yorkshire & Biewer Terriers in South Africa kindly answered this question for us:

The price of course is going to be according to what the pup actually is size wise – pocket pups as most are in South Africa – sold as teacups – will be half the price of what we sell our own genuine teacup dogs for. HOWEVER our prices compare favourably (for the pockets), to the other breeders claiming they are teacup size, but we offer that much more.

All our pups are examined thoroughly by a vet. A pup from us will have had two puppy inoculations, numerous dewormings, be preventative treated against ticks and fleas from birth as NO real tiny dog can afford to have either, so all our dogs and pups are treated from the start. Our pups will be Identipet chipped, they will be registered and they will carry health guarantees for the first year of their lives.

The price of Teacup Yorkies seems to vary quite dramatically, why is that?

The reason being, a pup raised by its mother 24/7 and a pup that has been raised by its mother and its breeder supplementing feeding, assisting to ensure it is in fact receiving the nourishment it needs, is like night and day.

If I have pups, they are monitored around the clock, if I have particularly tiny pups as in teacups pups, I will check on those pups numerous times during the night. Four hourly is often not sufficient. So this is where the price differs. There is so much more put into a very tiny pup even compared to a pocket sized pup or miniature sized pup. Our very tiny pups will often still nurse from their moms at 12 weeks of age and they will have been eating solids from as young as 17 days of age.

A genuine tiny pup cannot be left in a litter where there are other larger sized pups without being monitored around the clock. It is vitally important for any pup, irrespective of its size, to have that close bond with its dog mother. It also needs the comfort it gets from lying with its litter mates.

We will monitor at all times and only if the safety of that tiny becomes jeopardised will we move it onto a younger litter. The pup will be removed and mom will be put in with it numerous times a day to see it gets that necessary attention only she can provide. I am totally against taking pups away for hand-raising as that alone puts a question over that pups head as to what size it is eventually going to end up.

Want to know even more – take a look at my Mini Yorkie book…

Teacup Yorkie book cover

Missie Tongue - 3.3lb Teacup Yorkie

Missie – 3.3lb Teacup Yorkie


  1. Vickie Teruel says

    Looking for teacup Yorkie Because my husband lost his little one back in January and he has not been the same since I love to get him one for Christmas but I know it not going to happen but one day I will to make him happy again his little Peewee was his baby for years he when on are honeymoon and just about everywhere and in bed too so if there is a male Pleade let me know.

  2. looking for a young Yorkie. Had to say goodby to my lil man about a month ago and am lost without him. lookin for between 3 to 5 lb. Don’t really want a puppy.
    Anyone have Ideas where I can find one? Would prefer spayed or neutered but to a deal breaker.

  3. AA-Sweet lil Micro Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale
    Amazing Micro Teacup Bear Face Yorkie Available. They’re so tiny, compact with extreme flat bear face. They’re just like lil toys and loves to play! Sweet kisses and lots of love they want to give. Estimating 2.5 pounds full grown potty trained, cuddly, socialized and playful!!
    (605) 204-6985

  4. Hi my name is Carolyn I’m looking for a teacup Yorky I recently lost my Yorky and a high need another one for companion for my emotional support if anybody knows of anybody that is selling dogs for cheap but healthy please let me know my phone number is 402-510-8801 I live in Omaha Nebraska if anybody can help me I would greatly greatly appreciate it thank you

    • Bright Harrison says

      Hello Carolyn
      Hope you are doing great?
      Yes i can provide you with one if only you prove to be loving and caring. I am from Nevada and below is my contact you can call or text if interested in getting a yorkie puppy.

  5. Julie A Moreau says

    Hi my name is julie i recently lost my mini yorkie she pased oct 22 she was my support dog for ptsd depression and anxiety. She was regestered im so lost with out her she was my shadow my companion kept my sress level at bay my doctor said she was the best thing that happened to me i took her every where with me she was very spoiled clothes boots sneekers sandlesstroller so many carry bags im so lost without her if you could help i would be so happy looking for mini yorkie female

  6. Emilybrains says

    Male and Female Teacup Yorkie puppies

    We have akc register 11 weeks old Akc Teacup Yorkie puppies ready to go home now you can contact us for more info and pics at (804) 818-6065 we ship all over usa and canada

  7. Kara Smith says

    Get a Teacup Yorkie Puppy to make your home and family sweeter And Rosier. They are 4 of them left 2 males and 2 females and needs and loving and caring home. Recent on all shots and loves the company of kids , toys and other home pets. get back for further information and pictures if interested you can call/text us on (267) 417-6765.
    *******SERIOUS INQUIRIES******

  8. Kim Forrest says

    I have been involved with animals my whole life. Unfortunately I lost my horse farm during our divorce! I ended up very ill and in hospitals and nursing homes for a little over a year. I had on an average about 100 animals. All my Vets would say to me “if I die I want to come back as one of you animals”. It made me proud. The one animal I was able to walk away with was Katie (reg. Yorkie). I had to put her down 2years ago and I haven’t felt the same since. I have rescued a little male Yorkie but I would like to make our family whole with a little girl. Jax has separation anxiety and it would help him out also. I am retired and don’t have a lot of money, if anyone knows of a female yorkie puppy for sale on the lower price end that needs a fantastic loving home – PLEASE give me a call – Thank You Kim and Jax

    • Dee Dugger says

      I am looking for a teacup Yorkie for my daughters 23 birthday which is in May. She has been an inspiring you lady and is a firefighter, she is always trying to help others. Also, I looking for a reasonable price about $500.

      • Bright Harrison says

        Hope all is well?
        Yes i can provide you with a teacup yorkie if only you prove to be loving and caring. I am from Nevada and below is my contact you can call or text if interested in getting a yorkie puppy.

  9. Teri Anderson says

    I had to say goodbye to my little Buddy this past summer. He was 18 years old and my constant companion. The pain of losing him was so overwhelming, I didn’t think I would ever want another fur baby again; however, I am ready now. My tiny Buddy was a 6 pound Yorkiepoo. I will travel anywhere in West Virginia and will drive to eastern Kentucky, southern Ohio and southwest Virginia.

  10. My Sweet Toy Yorkie needs to be rehomed she is 2.5 pounds full grown and 15months old . She has been well loved and cared for , I have all documents regarding her care.. She was purchased from a breeder and is very healthy She is not fixed and can be breed . Her name is Baby . I am asking 2000.00 her. I paid 3500.00 she’s beautiful! !!!

  11. I am looking for a teacup yorkie preferably female and still a puppy let me know if you are selling email:

  12. I am looking for a teacup yorkie for Christmas reasonably priced.

  13. brayden bonnell says

    want a yorkie but I want to name it I want to name a dog like these tiny tot bit I need to adopt no more than 100$

  14. Shariley says

    I would like a teacup dog i have been wanting this type of dog for a long time now any one thats giving one away our has one no more then 300$ i will be good to it an love it i will take a boy or girl please contact me at thanks

  15. Teresa rojas says

    I’m 64 years old and I have a doctor’s note for a companion I’m on Social Security Disability because I have really high anxiety and depression I need a puppy really bad somebody who likes to snuggle and just keep up with my problems that I have in my since I was probably 7 starting with poodles and Pekingese and so since I’m older I really need something if anybody could help me out on disability and I need somebody that in Washington state so I don’t have to pay airfare for the dog thank you very much my name is Teresa

    • Wright Jefferson says

      Hey am Jefferson a dog breeder i train lovely puppies for pets and wish to find comfortable homes for them. Prices are negotiable and varied dog breeds.Feel free to message me , am at your service for any puppy you require

      • Linda Wilson says

        I really want me a teacup or mini teacup yorkie female puppy she will be loved more than you could ever imagine I don’t have a whole lot left for her because I got scumed really bad it is a real shame that people will do that to anyone much less someone like me I am an old disabled lady with ptsd and other health problems and my family and doctor thinks that a puppy would be really good for me and I want one oh so bad well i will go now GOD bless you

  16. Michelle lee ann Ting says

    I’m looking get a mini yorkie as my furry baby but I can hardly find a breeder that breeds them here in Australia.

  17. Hi I am looking for a female teacup Yorkshire terrier under $500 if you can help me out contact me at
    Thank you!

  18. Anyone interested in Cute Tea Cup Yorkies should contact
    Puppies Home
    65 Washington St
    Dover, DE 19901
    Tel : (302) 200-6465
    They have very beautiful and adorable pups, I got mine from them am sure they still have some litters available,though am in CA, They had to ship mine to me .

  19. Cassanova Lockett says

    Anyone have a teacup yorkie for sale under 500$ please contact me 2168603546

  20. I have a male and female 13 weeks old Yorkie puppies am rehoming for more info on them email(

  21. I am looking for a small , white, male puppy for under $150. Please email or contact me if you know of anything

  22. I’m looking for a teacup – the smallest possible. I’m willing to travel and I don’t want the cheapest just healthy!

  23. Ann M. Richardson says

    I am seriously looking for a Teacup yorkie, however I know how muchthese dogs run in cost and truthfully I can not afford to pay that. It might not be much but I can pay. I have always been a dog owner and at this point in my life my children are grown an I adore being a Gma, so it really doesn’t matter what the sex is They just have to be potty trained.

  24. Hi
    I really want a teacup size puppy. I would want the price in RM 50 or RM 100-max . If can free ?

    Colour : chocolate brown

  25. Hello I’m looking for a white very very small Yorke I am a first time dog owner

  26. guylaine says

    Hi, I’m looking to buy a Yorkies for 350.00 does anyone know of any places around, Western Ma, or near vermont, or new york???

  27. I’m looking for someone that is sale Yorkies prices range is under 700 please hmu if you are still sale Yorkies email me at

  28. angelina says

    hi my name is angelina it is about to be my 11 th birthday in nine days i have been wanting one since i got my last dog four years ago can someone please help me find a yorkie under $300 i live in good year arizona 85395.

  29. Hi my name is Alicia and I am looking for a teacup dog for sale! Please help lol my 21st birthday is comming up and my boyfriend wants to get me a dog bc I’ve wanted one for so long

  30. Chad Boykin says

    My wife and I had to put ours down due to cancer. She brought so much joy to our lives. Any help in finding a credible breeder would be most helpful. Thank you

  31. Hello everyone… I am looking for a female t cup Yorkie terrier. I would like to buy one.. If anyone can give me info were to buy one. Or if there selling one. 6263911310. I want to give it all of my love.. Thank you

  32. theres this amazing woman named shontelle, she helped me get my new baby teacup dog, Fifi reply if tou want her #

  33. Johnnie King says

    I am in Eastern North Carolina and am looking for a male teacup Yorkie pup. Are there any available in North Carolina?
    Thank you

    • This Puppies are currently ready for his new forever home Born with love, Vet checked, Micro-chipped, one year health guarantee. Available now…
      Pet price is $550 – $720
      Age:young 12 weeks old
      Gender:Female and Male
      Breed: Yorkie Puppy
      call or text us via: +1 (443) 720-3504
      Visit our website for more:

  34. Looking for a female teacup for under $1000. Is there anyone that has one for sale near Idaho?
    Thank you.

  35. Contact mr tree we got our Tea cup from this Breeders (301) 485-9045 contact him he still have some litters available .i think he can help your $250 to $300 text him (301) 485-9045

  36. I promise i will be very responsible, in fact this will be my first dog and I am turning 11. Hope to have a reply soon (i live in Queens)

  37. HI guys, my birthday is February 11 and my parents finally allowed me to get a teacup dog. does anybody have one from the price of free to $200? I really want this puppy or dog!

  38. I am looking for a yorkie puppy around 100-300$. I am wanting to get my girlfriend a dog any luck where I can start. Contact me on Facebook its Sashia Alan ream or email me at

  39. Hi Joel we got our Tea cup from this Breeders (301) 485-9045 contact him he still have some litters available .

  40. I am looking for a tea cup for my 12 year old daughter. I am currently in between jobs and can’t afford to spend much. But will love your dog very much. I am located on Staten island, NY. Thank you.

  41. I am looking to get a teacup yorkie. I was told by my husband if I could find one for $300 that I could get one. I know it’s a long shot, but he knows I probably won’t be able to find a puppy at that price. But I really want a teacup yorkie that will be about 4lbs. I have to try.

  42. Heart Broken says

    I’m looking for a teacup yorkie for my mom who desperately needs a companion due to illness. I recently fell victim to a scam and ended paying over $4,000 before I realized what was really happening, for what I thought would be the perfect Christmas gift for her. Needless to say, I would still love to get this gift for her because I believe it will give her a reason to want to get better. So if anyone has a male teacup yorkie I’m willing to pay $450 for him and I would prefer to pick him up if he is in the Florida Panhandle area (Panama City, Destin, Ft Walton Bch, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola). I can be reached at


  43. Im looking for a teacup yorkie for a low price. I have always dreamed of getting one. Can someone tell me where to find one, that doesn’t cost so much thanks.

  44. I’ve been looking for a tea cup Yorkie for a few years, but it’s hard to find one that don’t cost a arm & leg

  45. Chris Lewis says

    We have a male and female Tea cup yorkie available for new homes , please for more info contact us with your email and number price is reasonable email us at

  46. I’m selling two purebred teacup yorkies for $1,500 each. One has a distinct chocolate coloring, while the other is black with gold markings.
    Both are 6 weeks old currently.

    Please contact me with requests for pictures, or any questions:

    For convenience, I am located in the Chicagoland area.

  47. i am looking for a teacup yorkie for my wifes as a present for her upcoming birthday. she has always wanted one. it will be well taken care off. i just cant afford the high price. i am willing to pay 200. it would make my wife and me very happy.

  48. Im looking for the cheapest tea cup puppy

  49. Pleae email me at i promise I will take good care of it the name and possible prices of the dog i want is in last previous comment.

  50. I am looking for a yorkshi terrier that is less than $700

  51. Sailing my yorkie puppy anyone interested ? He is in great health. I’m just always working and can’t give him the attention he deserves .

  52. I know of a friend who is moving to his new apartment very soon and can’t take with him his 4 tiny teacup yorkies puppies just in case any one looking forward giving it a try for one. Reply me so i can share with you more details.

    • i would love to have one. my children are grown and leaving and i would love the company

    • I would like to have one. I been looking to get my wife a teacup but I cant afford the high prices. i was hoping to get it for her birthday this thanksgiving. this would be perfect.

  53. Myra campbell says

    I am interested in the 7 month old puppie tea cup that the owner can not keep . My name is myra and my phone number is 678-988-2814.. I think the comment said your name was Lunia or something like that.. Please call adapt

  54. I am looking to buy a teacup yorkie. I am northwest of LA about an hour. Is anyone selling one that I could possibly buy from you. My husband and I went to a puppy boutique today but didn’t find what we are looking for. I have tried to look on websites as well but have had no luck.

  55. I am looking for a teacup Yorkie for me and my grandson’s, what is the cheapest I can get one. I live in Georgia

  56. Nani Bermudez says

    Im trying to find either a teacup, micro, or a toy Yorkie for a cheap price!!!

  57. We are looking for a tea cup or mini yorkie for our 2 boys and family. Earlier this year someone stole our 3yr old tea cup. And we have just been heartbroken! If anyone knows of a new litter or anyone who needs a new home for their current teacup please contact us.

  58. Yes, I would like to know how much does the Tiny miniature teacup cost and How much bigger will they get. You show the young puppy’s but what about a full grown miniature teacup yorkie gets. I would like to see one fully grown, because of course there going to be tiny when there born but how much bigger will they get I want mine puppy to be very,very,very. Tiny full grown.

  59. Looking for a teacup yorkie puppy for my mom for Christmas. Reasonably priced. Email me if you have any!

  60. I have a male 1yr old toy yorkie.
    (Still have his jollies.) Gotta move and can’t take him with me. I paid 1,850 will take 1,500. He is very happy playful, loving just a cuddler. He comes up to date on all shots with all his papers microchip as well.
    Includes: Playpin, travel bed and bag clothes shoes, toys hygiene products. **Serious inquiries only**

  61. Yorkie name Lola 13weeks old For sale….. $650…..comes w/dog food, clothes,puppy treats, training mats, dog cage, dog bed,& up to date on shots…..I got papers on her also!!!! My son allergic to her so she gotta go! I have pictures she’s tan & black

  62. Andrea Irvin says

    I want a friend ayorkie but I want teacup but I can’t find any if you find one let me know.

  63. Mike Kloepferm says

    Selling two Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppies (2 weeks old)…for $499 each… They are up to date on vaccinations and ready to go home with you today! All of our babies are registerable with AKC and you will receive their paperwork with adoption. Will also provide a 1 year health warranty and free puppy starter kit.. Contact me via email … …… Mike Kloepferm

  64. Anyone sell teacup yorkies in the Miami,Fl area ?

  65. Male and female teacup yorkie puppies currently available. Healthy, playful, intelligent, and well socialized. They are up to date on vaccinations and ready to go home with you today! All of our babies are registerable with AKC and you will receive their paperwork with adoption. We also provide a 1 year health warranty and free puppy starter kit. please contact us for more info via text Lopez….. (804) 597-0413…… .

  66. i have a yorkie mixed with shuzue 11months very sweet n happy all black with white chin and chest.350 -obo

  67. tydranae says

    Hey is anyone selling an yorkie teacup

  68. Hi, I have been looking for a toy or mini Yorkie for cheap… I can’t afford to pay much for it. If anyone is willing to sale me a yorkie for under 200 please contact me. I promise to take good care of it… email me to I’m in California

    • Hello i have Two female Teacup Yorkie puppies available which i’m giving out to any loving and caring home, please if you are still interested then you send your reply to me at ( please send text to (240-256-3283)
      Kind Regards

  69. I have a toy yorkie pure breed with all of his Akc and shot records for sale. He is 12 weeks old. Caring for a parent and don’t have time to give him right now. Very energetic and happy.

    Selling for 1600.00 I paid 2300.00 for him. Only serious inquiries only. Text me at 202-748-6967 and I will send pictures.

  70. Christian says

    I am looking for a teacup Yorkie, but I don’t want to spend and arm and leg. I don’t really care if it’s registered or not, (I don’t plan on selling.) Haven’t been able to find one that someone’s not tried to scam me. My email is

  71. I will be having 2 litters of t-cup puppies last litters didn’t weight over 2.4 pounds i do payment plans until the baby is ready to go at 10weeks i hold them until then because we make sure all is vetted and in good health we do NOT have sugar problems in our babies and there raised around a cat and older children we also believe these are family babies we dont discriminate against someone having children if raised around them they respect the can send me an email if you want to get on the list we have a long list of people wanting them most are previous buyer’s my email is pick puppy is determines when i receive the deposit then choice is up to you.

  72. In regards to the above post my email is I’m in the New York/westchester area of interested please contact me.

  73. I have a pregnant tea cup Yorkie and I will be looking for a buyer soon. Naturally you will have to wait a cpl months after birth, but I want to have a home established for her/him ahead of schedule.

  74. I am looking for a teacup yorkie havent been able to find one yet that people haven’t tried to scam me out of my money

  75. Dana Jones says

    I have 2 male quality teacup yorkies for sale. I am not willing to travel too far. I am asking $800 each for 8 week old puppies. I don’t have papers on them. They will be 4lbs and under. I live in Pittsburgh ,PA area if interested contact via email at thanks and hope everyone finds what they can get.

  76. Hey I’m looking for a teacup yorkie for under 350 dollars. Does anyone know where I can find one of those at?

  77. Hi i was woundering if you had any more female yorkies for sell and i live in Texas is there anyway we can meet in the middle ? You would make me the happiest person in the world please .

  78. I am told this is a teacup….5 months old…its a male and very very happy and healthy….paid $1600 asking 850.00 live in Vegas….ready to go now….he has papers but I dont have them and may or may not get them….will explain later….

  79. Shakira lodge says

    I am looking for a male yorkie for my 4 years old son how much do they cost

  80. I have a tea cup yorkie 7 months female for sale she has al her vaccines i dont have the time to take care of her i pay $1000 i want $700

  81. Cindy Snow says

    I really want one of these puppies we have been looking for months but couldn’t find the perfect puppy please get back to us

  82. Maliya love says

    i want a teacup yorkie my cousin also…… but i d’ont see the cheapest one

    i can get 1 and i will name her BELLA please that is all i want all i need that is what i have been praying for i have dreamed of getting and i know i will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Samantha bairos says

    Ok so I really want a dog and it seams the only dog my family can get is his one my parants are split and I’m 12 and my dad says if I want a dog I have to keep it at my moms and I can’t at my moms BECOUSE I have a cat but I really want one at my dads and I think I can convince him is its not expensive so what’s the lowest price I can get on a teacup or miniature Yorkie please someone wright back I’ll do anything!!!!!!

  84. I am looking for a teacup yorkie. What is the lowest amount of money to get a yorkie that is not for sale?

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