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Are you a breeder of Teacup Yorkies, small or miniature Yorkshire Terrier dogs, which are also known as Toy, Micro, Mini Yorkies or Teacup Yorkshire Terriers in Australia?

We are seeking to list responsible breeders in order to help our readers who are searching and looking to buy a Teacup Yorkie.

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We recently had an email in from Laura:

Hi there,

I have been trying to find a breeder that is located in Australia that sells teacup Yorkies.

I’ve been on every Australian website and they all say they do not exist and I can’t buy a ‘Teacup yorkie

Can you please help?



This was my reply:

They certainly exist but finding a breeder could be difficult in Australia, there are lots of breeders in the USA but I don’t know of any actually in Australia – sorry.

Maybe try this site?

mini yorkshire terrier

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  1. Lesley smith says

    I believe that teacup yorkies all have health this correct?

    • Extensive ones. Teacup is just another term for ‘runt’, except intentional. A standard Yorkie is still a small dog, just without constant medical needs.

  2. Looking to buy a teeny tiny teacup York is pleas

  3. Hello. Just inquiring if you have any female puppies for sale.Not for show just for a beautiful companionship and lots of loving.

  4. morgana Hubs says

    Affectionate Teacup Yorkie puppies available

    Affectionate Teacup Yorkie puppies Puppies. There were 2 males and 1 females. They are registered and potty trained. They are raised around my two children as well as other animals so will do great with kids and other pets. contact…

  5. Hello. Just wondering if there’s any (ex) breeding teacup yorkies that are for sale please

  6. Is this puppy still looking for a new home? And do you have any thing similar can you please post pic and age
    Kind Regards

  7. Sweet adorable teacup puppies needs great forever home.
    Contact for more details (571)279-8963

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