Teacup Yorkie Book: The Complete Owners Guide

Are you looking for Teacup Yorkies for sale or information such as tips and advice?

Whether you are booking to buy a Teacup Yorkie puppy or a mature adult teacup, then a complete guide is essential.

We recommend Alan Kenworthy’s Teacup Yorkies – The Complete Owners Guide.

Teacup Yorkie book cover

This book is guaranteed to answer all your questions and is the complete pet owners guide for anyone passionate about owning a small or miniature Yorkshire Terrier dog, which are also known as Toy, Micro, Mini Yorkies or Teacup Yorkshire Terriers.

Written by an established dog trainer, Teacup Yorkies – the complete owner’s guide, covers everything from puppyhood to old age including choosing a puppy, Yorkie health, care and welfare such as miniature Yorkire Terrier grooming tips, training your Teacup Yorkie dog and understanding his general behavior.

Full of useful hints and tips about these magnificent dogs, this guide contains up-to-date information and is full of sound advice written in an easy to read and understand style.

This book is a must-have guide for any responsible owner of a Teacup Yorkie.

Available on paperbook or ebook…

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The book is available in both paperback or ebook (Kindle) formats from every Amazon website worldwide so just search your local Amazon for it.

You can also buy it from most bookstores worldwide who will be able to order a copy in for you.

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