Rescue or Adopt a Miniature Yorkie (aka Teacup Yorkie)

Below we have advice on the rescue or adoption of a teacup Yorkie, mini Yorkie or miniature Yorkshire Terrier.

Can you find a tiny Yorkie in rescue? Yes, you can. In fact, with the recent celebrity craze of handbag dogs settling down, many tiny dogs are being given up. The poor little puppy dogs are leftover from a fashion trend.

Don’t be one of these terrible owners – learn how to care and look after your precious puppy with the right training you can avoid many of the issues and problems that lead to them being given up.

The adoption of rescue dogs is becoming more widespread and easier. With social networking, and the broad base of Internet access, unwanted dogs are reaching new audiences. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to travel miles to meet a needy dog.

Just don’t be silly enough to fall for a Teacup Yorkie scam seller – a puppy for free? I don’t think so!

The teacup Yorkie does occasionally end up in rescue, but not as frequently as a standard sized Yorkie, though. Why buy a Teacup Yorkie from a breeder when you could rescue one first?

If you want to look for a rescue Yorkie, then you can be certain that you will not regret it. There is something special in a rescued dog’s eyes. I only ever bring a dog home from rescue, and it has always been rewarding.

To find a local rescue that specializes in the Yorkie, it is worth first contacting a national rescue or the Kennel Club.

All breed rescues should be able to help, though they do have waiting lists for some breeds and the Miniature Yorkie is a very popular dog.

It is important, though, to keep in mind that if you rescue a teacup Yorkie, he may not be the healthiest of the breed, but then no dog’s health can be 100% guaranteed. It will be as big a risk buying a dog from classifieds.

A great rescue center will only rehome a Yorkie when he has had full vaccinations and parasite treatment, a health check, a behavior assessment and to a vetted home.

Foster home and website-based rescues are common; the Internet also makes this possible. Organized by volunteer foster caregivers, drivers and coordinators, the satellite rehoming center is great for dogs.

Shelters and dog pounds often regularly pass unwanted dogs over to this type of rescue for assessment and rehoming. This is ideal as the dog is seen and tested in a domestic situation and does not have to live in kennels whilst looking for a home.

Now you know you want to rescue or adopt a puppy in need make sure you get the complete owner’s guide – buy the best-selling book on Amazon…

Teacup Yorkie book cover

You may also want to find UK Teacup breeders or American Mini Yorkie breeders.

US National Rescue Centers

UK National Rescue Centers


  1. toya surratt trout says


  2. Mary E Badger says

    Looking to adopt a minature chihuahua or any minature as I am retiring soon and this is my bucket wish list to own and take care of this precious baby. Help me out

  3. Katrina Bradbury says

    We are looking for a female teacup or miniature yorkshire terrier puppy. We need a puppy as we already have 2 Yorkshire Terriers age 13 and 14 so needs to be a puppy. We have had our 14 year old since she was 12 weeks and the other one is her son who we have had since birth. If anyone can help please contact me.

  4. Donna m Pachl says

    I would love to adopt a Yorkie around 7lbs, I don’t care male or female, just my husband and I retired and very capable of giving a wonderful home and paying for it’s vet bills. Of course I plan on paying rehoming fee that go’s without question, and if not spayed or neutered I would sign a contract that it would be. thank you for your consideration if one comes available soon. Thank You for your time.

  5. I’m looking for a Yorkie or teacup Yorkie to adopt. We have no children in our home. Our puppy would be with all the time, including accompanying me to work. And of course it would be spoiled.


    Please help me I’m looking for a Teacup Yorkie {miniature } My Shiloh died about two years ago and I am looking for not a replacement but another little puppy to fill the hold in my life

  7. Susan yaghouti says

    Would like to have a teacup yorki.
    Please advise.

  8. I am looking for a teacup yorkrie puppy for my me and my husband he is disabled and I would really like to get a puppy for him for company, all the kids are gone and grown so he need so company I work so I am gone a lot, Please if anyone knows where I can get one cheap.

  9. Maria Richard says

    I’d love to rescue a teacup Yorkie. I live in Ohio and have a three year old Biton named Lily. My husband and I are both retired and Lily would love a companion. We are very fortunate to be able to offer a pup a loving home. If anyone could help us we’d appreciate it! Thanks!

  10. Judy Hanks says

    I’m looking for a teacup male yorkie or teacup male poodle. Needs to be as cheap as possible I’ve been out of work all year and will start drawing my social security in February. Been looking for about 6 months but everything has been to expensive so please help me if you can. Contact me at I want one really bad.

  11. Catherine Robinson says

    I’m looking to adopt a tea cup puppy. Plz send me info on where I can find them at. Thank you so much Catherine

  12. Grasiela Lara says

    I was looking to adopted any gender teacup Yorkie.
    I love animals I have two cats and one female dog she a mixed breed.
    I’m looking to adopted and too add to my little family.
    If you have any available please contact me at

  13. I looking for a set of micro teacup yorkie I would like to have a girl n a boy . I’m wanting to give one to gran ddaughters for xmas

  14. Helen Ciulla says

    I would very much love to have a teacup Yorkie. I have recently retired & am on disability. I have had a Yorkie years ago, but he died. My friends suggested I contact a rescue..This one would go everywhere with me, I now have more time to share. I know they’re expense, but maybe I can find one at a very reasonable price.

  15. Lise Lacasse says

    Just recently lost my little rescue teacup yorkie. Would like another baby to fill my lonely heart with another young teacup yorkie, or chihuahua, or teacup poodle. Please help me find a new reason to live.

  16. Brenda Gragg says

    Hello, my husband and I are both retired.He recently has had some serious health problems, I think a dog would be the perfect answer to his depression we lost our little maltese he was 16 yrs old.I think he needs another little miracle to fill that void. we are not wealthy people but we havwe the means to take on another dog.if you need my vets reference you can contact her (Dr. Rebecca Whisnant) at 828-754-4545 at caldwell animal hospital here in Lenoir NC Please consider us to be the perfect parents to a new little miracle.
    God bless you for the work you do.I hope to speak with you soon. Sincerely, Brenda Gragg

  17. Gloria Adam says

    Hi there i am looking for a small yorkie pup if possible i live in arbroath scotland my email is

  18. Hi there ?
    I’m looking for a toy teacup yorkie for myself for a possible emotional therapy dog. I’ve had cancer twice and health issues all my life. I would love to pay for this type of dog and it’s training but with all the medical treatments I go through I know that I’m unable to. I haven’t been able to look or get a job in over a year since I’ve gotten my Associates Degree in Business but I have a stable housing condition that I have and will maintain. All I would need help with is finding a dog, training and possibly some small financing for this therapy dog to help me to become better myself and to be able to contribute to my community. At 40(in February) Years old I’m too young to be getting disability and quite frankly I’m not ready to give up yet✨Please help ??

  19. I am ten and looking for a female yorkie puppy for free if willing to help me contact me thanks

  20. Eva Hartman says

    My husband and I have always adopted rescue adult to senior small doggies. They are so loving, giving, and welcomes love and hugs. We have raised only one from puppyhood, a small poodle that lived to be 14 years old. When he passed. we decided to look into rescues because we were up in years, and felt we could give the love and caring the little rescues needed. We’ve NEVER regretted our decision. We would love to welcome a very small adult or senior rescue. It can get lonely without the little doggy paws following us around and sitting on our lap.

  21. June Medlin says

    So excited to try and adopt a small, teacup, miniature fremale baby, young or an adult 2,3,4 yrs old.
    I have empty nest syndrome as my kids have moved out or gotten married I need a sweet loveable animal who needs to be loved because I have some much to give. With your help I no we can do this.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter

    June Medlin

  22. Looking to adopt a Yorkshire terrier puppy contact at (302) 400-4159 or email

  23. Betty Graves says

    I am looking to adopt a yorkie puppy cheap, I had a yorkie and was in hospital not expexted to live for 30 days in ICU and some one stole my baby from my son”s house during that time.

  24. Sarah Pemberton says

    I’m looking to adopt an older small yorkie, I no longer work due to health reasons. I can offer a very loving home to an elderly yorkie, I have cats so must be good with cats. Please feel free to contact me on 07738445722 or email address

  25. I am looking to adopt a tiny teacup Yorky they are so hard to fine I’ve been wanting one one that weighs 2 to 3 pounds please contact me 931-626-3106 I live in Tennessee

  26. Lorri lewis says

    Looking to adopt a yorkie for a family member who needs for therapy he and his wife are devastating over the loss of theirs. Thought maybe you guys had one available to a great family. I believe in rescuing first! Please let me know. Thanks

  27. I am looking for a small yorkie under 7 pounds or a teacup female yorkie. I have had a teacup yorkie for 7 years and he died. Best dog I ever had. Cannot afford one at full price but I am willing to pay $500. I live in the 63304 zip code. Thanks for considering me. Connie

  28. Chandra Burns says

    I lookin to adopt a Maltese and a Yorkie for free, please email me. Thank you.

  29. I am looking for an adult male teacup Yorkie to love. I live in western Pennsylvania.

  30. Hi i am looking to adopt a teacup yorkie for free if possible…I would like to offer my daughter…

  31. Hi,
    Looking for a free female teacup Yorkie to adopt. I live in Orange County, CA. Thank you so much!

  32. I am looking for a tiny toy teacup to be my companion. I am always at home lonely and wishing I can find a tiny teacup toy to not be alone. Please message me if you have one for adoption. Thank you, Cynthia

  33. Looking to adopt a teacup yorkie female preferred.. I have a 10 year old daughter who needs company

  34. Hello I’m a 35 year old looking to adopt a teacup I recently lost my first teacup may she Rest In Peace…she was my best friend I suffer with sle Lupus just looking to have a great buddy again ?

  35. Hello! I am from Bulgaria, I want to adopt a yorkie. Is there any chance I can help?

  36. barbara rickevicius says

    my name is Barbara .I;m looking for a female teacup yorkie.i love them.i live in ct. near Waterbury.please contact me at you

  37. If anyone is in Dallas or Arlington or Irving area I have been despratly been looking for a yorkie and willing to buy 200is my budget please contact me 214)772(8386 I will pick up

  38. I am looking for a female yorkie to grow up with my daughter. We are a very easy going family who loves dogs.

  39. Good day, I have two yorkies and they are my life in fact they have there own wardrobe….I would love to adopt a teacup. I love alone and they all sleep with me. …at night they get booked good for supper…..both my yorkies are happy and not one of them are on stress or anxiety medicine. Please contact me on 076-774-0824 regards candy

  40. Courtney Ross says

    Hi I am looking for a teacup yorkie puppy for my mother. She bought one a few days ago, but it was a scam and she was very upset that she was unable to get her puppy. I was wondering if there was anyone that would be willing to let me have a puppy for her. I rally don’t have money to spend on one but I would love to give a puppy a forever home.

  41. I am looking for a t cup terroir to adopt. Please email me at


  42. Hi I am wanting a tea cup yorkie . I would love to have a baby this way I may watch her grow. please help.

  43. Hello, I am looking to adopt a teacup yorkshire terrier puppy. I have wanted a puppy/dog for quite some time but was unsure of what I wanted until I came across the teacup yorkies. I instantly fell in love with them!! I can guarantee you it will be coming to a great home with alot of love and attention. Please email me at if you want your puppy to have a loving, caring home.

  44. Lee rohn says

    I am looking for an older like 8 year old tea cup yorkies for my older mo.

  45. Barbara Edwards-El says

    I’m looking for a yorkie around Monmouth county area and i don’t have any money to get one but would love i have for free and take care of him or her

  46. krystina cardin says

    Hello I am looking for a teacup yorkie to adopt for my grandparents they had a teacup Chihuahua that had to be put down because of old age and it’s been a few years and have been talking about how they would love to find another companion.

  47. I am looking fir a teacup yorkie for my family. Please email live in Alberta Canada

  48. Hello I am looking for a Yorkie very cheap or free. I have wanted one for years and can’t seem to find one. Please email me

  49. Sandy Turner says

    I am looking to adopt a teacup Yorkie for my daughter.

  50. Amy Rabuffo says

    wish to adopt two tea cup yorkies.

  51. Laura Cantu says

    I have a male teacup yorkie. He weight 4.5 pounds and I’m looking for a female teacup yorkie for breeden at least one time. I would like to have some puppies.
    please contact me at my email:

  52. I see all these comments wanting a teacup pup for free..Well if you can not afford the $750-1,200 to purchase one then you definitely can not afford one…Vets/shots/monthly grooming cost/food/toys/clothes.ect.these dogs are real animals not just a lil cute toy ..The cost to have one is more expensive than average dog..They eat special food 3-6 times a day vitamins are suggested because they are fragile.These dogs are not a poor mans dog and worth every penny …Mommy to Mercedez teacup yorkie $750.00 purchase ..40 monthly grooming fee..

  53. Hi my name is Alexus I am looking for a tea cup yorkie and would love it for free or very cheap. I live in Georgia and would love if someone could email me with information at

  54. Hello I am looking to adopt a teacup Yorkie for free if possible. I love animals specially teacup yorkies! i wouldn’t mind buying one but if it’s not too expensive for me !

    please contact me s soos as possible

  55. i am looking for a teacup Yorkie for my family .i need a friend after school.I’ve search every planet under the sun and haven’t found the perfect one.Please help me find the one for me and my family.

  56. I am looking for a tea cup yorkie for adoption. I have been searching hi and low and can’t seem to find one. Please contact me if you find something.

  57. looking for a teacup yorkie ….already got a yorkie she is 3 years old …thank you

  58. Joan Glasco says


  59. Nancy Piekos says

    Looking to adopt a female yorkie that will be no bigger than 5 lbs.

  60. Daylah Smith says

    I am looking to adopt a teacup Yorkie! The dog will become family! Please contact me at

  61. LaVista Williams says

    looking for any type of toy or teacup dog for my daughter she really would love to have a family pet .If there is anything here in Hampton VA or close to the area free to no coast please email and or call 757/303-6120

  62. Hi. I looking for a teacup female yorkie. My 2 daughters grow up and we need ay little daughter for care her an give too much love. Please, please.

  63. shakia Geter says

    Looking to adopt a teacup yorkie asap contact me anytime by email or

  64. Annette Fleischhauer says

    Look for mini teacup yorkie to adopt please get back to me thanks so much female please or text me 2017251731 or email thanks much

    • Hello i have Two female Teacup Yorkie puppies available which i’m giving out to any loving and caring home, please if you are still interested then you send your reply to me at (

  65. Hello ,I am looking for a free Yorkie pup or cheap. I own a Chorkie that I adopted from the humane society, she had pups a month before received her. Her previous owner separated her too soon,so she needs a companion. Thank you for your time.

  66. brenda pressley says

    I would love to have a small female yorkie or teacup for a companion for my pom. She is four years old and weighs 5 lbs. No small children. I am a widow and love animals. My pom has a wardrobe and even a car seat. Please consider me if you have a yorkie that is not too expensive. I live on a retired teacher’s income and a small ss. check.

  67. Hello I am looking to adopt a teacup Yorkie for free if possible. I love animals specially teacup yorkies! i wouldn’t mind buying one but if it’s not too expensive for me !

    If you have any info
    email me please

  68. Miriam Barroso says

    I am looking to adopt a teacup yorkie puppy for free.

  69. Beverly Taylor Clark says

    Looking to adopt a small breed puppy – I live in the PG County area. I lost my dog about 2 years ago… My vet suggested I contact a rescue ..

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